Being A Zombie For The Day!

In my opinion there’s really nothing better than watching a good ol’ zombie horror, I’m a huuuge fan of them! (Oh and don’t forget TV series such as ‘The Walking Dead’.It’s very intense at the minute!!).


Anyway! A couple of weeks ago we heard about a Zombie Survival Run being held at  Chepstow’s Racecourse,  and seeming as we’d already gone through a very scary experience of running away from herds of Zombies (and to make it just that extra bit scary, it was held in abandoned mines), we decided to sign up to be one of the walking dead to see what it’s like to be the one that everyone’s running away from!


I decided to dress up as an ‘edgy’ (y’know, the ripped jeans and all that shabang) zombie apocalypse survivor…

Before I was turned. Unfortunately my trusty water pistol didn’t quite make the cut in protecting me..


…But of course I don’t end up surviving!


I was planning on doing my zombie make-up myself before we went, but we later agreed to have our zombie make-up done at the place. I’m very glad that we made that decision as I had to get a train by myself first of all, which most likely would’ve resulted in a lot of disgusted looks from people.


We arrived there early, giving us plenty of time to turn into Zombies! We entered a massive tent-like thing and were pointed towards the ‘Infected Zone’ room. This was quite a small room full of boxes containing lots of different zombie outfits, make-up and fake blood. Oh! And the make-up artists of course.

After I had my make-up done I weren’t a fan of how cartoon-ish I looked. I wanted to look like an actual Zombie.. Zombie contact lenses would’ve helped me out here, but since I’ve had laser eye surgery I want to be extra careful with my eyes haha. In the end it worked out okay when I got into zombie mode and smudged the cartoon-ish make-up slightly!

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Once all of the people that once looked like humans were transformed into brain-thirsty creatures, we were then all gathered together and split into groups and were then allocated to different ‘Infected Zones’ throughout the 5k obstacle run.

This was the map of the course. Me and my zombie crew were in the infected zone by number 6, ‘The Gauntlet’.

We were with two women zombies, and they were both lovely! I wish I had taken photos of us and the other zombies that were in my group, but I didn’t think taking my phone or camera would be an appropriate choice seeming as I was supposed to act like a brain-dead person..

Anywho! The actual experience itself was so much fun considering we were in the same small area for a good few hours. The aim of the game for us as Zombies was to work as a team to get as many red tags from the runners as we could. And we did pretty well too.

The Red Tags we had to get from ‘Survivors’!

It didn’t take me long to properly get into acting like a scary Zombie by growling at all of the runners and dragging one of my legs around. Oh, and we were the scariest of scary zombies; Fast zombies (like the ones on 28 Days Later, but not quite as fast as the World War Z ones!) Chasing after people when they thought they were safe was great fun!


We left an impression on lots of people that day. We were told that we were the scariest zombies out of all of them, and that we were the zombies that “took acting lessons“, I quote.

We still had enough energy to try out all of the inflatable obstacle courses for ourselves after the run had finished, which was lots of fun also! The best part was when we decided to join in with the other infected zone zombies along the course by scaring the runners haha. Again, great fun!

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Even the dead got to take home a medal AND a shirt!


You wouldn’t think that making a few growls here and there and dragging your leg around as if it was broken would be such hard work, but IT WAS. My throat was sore and my whole body was aching for days from being a Zombie. (You could say that I felt like a Zombie, eh!?)

I would 100% recommend acting like a Zombie for the day, because it’s surprisingly really fun!

And there’s still a few events coming up! So check them out and choose whether you want to be the one who’s running away from the zombies ORRRR, the one who’s chasing and scaring people!



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