An Adventure In Bluestone

So a few weeks back we stayed at Britain’s only coastal national park.. Bluestone! Bluestone is based in Pembrokeshire which is a lovely place to visit with its pretty beaches and friendly people.


lake view


This was my first time staying in a lodge. With an upside down living style (the kitchen was upstairs and the bedrooms and bathrooms were all based downstairs) and being surrounded by pretty and peaceful nature, it was awesome!




..We also had a fantastic view from the upstairs balcony!



The majority of our stay at Bluestone consisted of bike riding through many cycle paths that led us through the woodlands as well as pretty nature trails to follow!



We also discovered a fairy village deep in the forest! It was very cool.





The Lake at Bluestone was a beautiful place to relax by. With different species of birds chirping here and there, the occasional rabbits bouncing out of little bushes and adorable mother ducks floating upon the lake with their ducklings following closely behind, it was lovely.


FullSizeRender (7)


FullSizeRender (6)


The Lake was full of cute little fluffy ducklings like this guy!






Bluestone also has a cute little village within it too that had a little convenience shop, a few other little shops here and there and a big pub with a park for kids to play in. There was even a Spa!



19832407_876354642517837_461128706_nTŷ Coffi is situated in the heart of the Village and they sell the best ice cream, what more could you want?



On our last day in Pembrokeshire we decided to visit Oakwood Theme Park. We’d planned to go there beforehand but were almost not going to go as we’d heard nothing but negative reviews about Oakwood being ‘run-down’. But, in the end we decided to go ahead with it and give the place a chance and do you know what? We all really enjoyed ourselves!




Yeah, the place was pretty much a ghost town and yeah, it does look slightly run-down, BUT there was the beautiful benefit of it being a ghost town.. no queue times! We literally went straight onto every ride!




And we also ate great food there, which is always a plus.







The place just needs some TLC and maybe one or two more roller coasters put in and ta-da, it’ll be back in the public’s good books in no time.

So yeah, please do not let the negative comments put you off from going somewhere guys, because you may be pleasantly surprised and end up having the time of your lives, just like we did!




Our First Vlog…

As well as telling you guys all about our stay at Bluestone, why not actually show you what it was like?

We decided to put together a little vlog summarising our stay at Bluestone. This is our first ever vlog we’ve created, and we had lots of fun with it! So I hope you all enjoy watching how much of an odd couple we are 😛


If you haven’t been to Bluestone yet, you should pop it on your ‘Places To Visit’ list. It’s the perfect place to escape everyday life by relaxing and having some fun!




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