I Tried Tropic Skincare!

I first heard of Tropic Skincare when I was invited to a pamper evening..


Here, we played fun little ice-breaker games to get to know one another, which is where I ended up winning a little goodie bag which I was very pleased with (I never win anything!)


And after the pamper evening I decided to purchase the award winning Sculpting Palette! Here’s my review..

Whilst I was at the pamper I learnt so much about the history of Tropic Skincare and it was incredibly inspiring. A friend of mine hosted this event as she happens to be a Tropic Ambassador. So, instead of listening to an amateur like myself explain what Tropic is all about, why not hear about all of the deets from someone who works with the products herself? Makes sense, right?


Devhan J Johnson, One of the first Tropic Skincare Ambassadors in South Wales!

What is Tropic Skincare? 

“In a sentence; Tropic Skincare is amazing! We are a UK based company and everything we make is 100% Naturally Derived, Vegan, cruelty free and free of toxic chemicals and additives.”


Ooo Interesting! What Makes Tropic So Good/Better Than Any Other Skincare Products Out There?

“Everything we make is naturally derived, so you know you are getting the best for your skin. We strongly believe that you shouldn’t put anything on your body if you wouldn’t put it in your body. Your skin absorbs 80% of what is put on it, so imagine the amount of chemicals in your blood stream over the course of a year!”


“Tropic is free of any additives, including Gluten which means people with Coeliac Disease can even use our products. Everything is freshly made in our Beauty Kitchen in Surrey, which is why you won’t see it in shops. We want the products to be as fresh as possible for you and not be sat on a shelf for months before it is bought.”

“By having a pamper you are able to try everything for free! There aren’t different products for different skin types, so no worrying about which ones you need to buy. You use more product if your skin is dry and less if it is oily. Because all of our ingredients are of high quality, we don’t add any bulkers or fillers, which mean all of the products really do stretch and last a great length of time.”


I 100% Recommend Having A Pamper Guys! So Do Tropic Only Do Facial Products?

“No! We also do Body Care, including pH balanced body washes, foot care and hand care. We also have Mineral Sun protection, which is not only a lot safer for us, but safer and better for the environment. Our Make-Up is all cruelty free as well, so you don’t need to feel guilty while wearing it.”



“Men can use our products too, we’ve had wonderful feedback from those who have used them. There are also male grooming products available for that special someone.”


That’s Awesome! What Inspired You To Become A Tropic Skincare Ambassador? 

“I have always loved Skincare and would love when my mum would let me use her posh creams when we were on holiday. My Auntie had a pamper and invited me and I fell in love. I booked my own pamper for a few weeks later and after that decided to become an Ambassador.”

Devhan and her auntie smiling cheerfully as Tropic Ambassadors 


“My Auntie is also an Ambassador, so we support each other lots. I absolutely love introducing people to Tropic and seeing their reactions, because everyone falls in love with something. There aren’t any targets, just incentives. There’s an amazing one on at the moment and we have the opportunity to go on a 5* trip to Mauritius! It’s an amazing company to be a part of.”



What Is Your Favourite Product of Tropic’s? 

“This is a hard one because I truly love everything! I couldn’t be without my ABC Collection of course, but I MUST use Super Greens on a daily basis (it’s amazing, it’s like a wheat grass shot for your face, packed full of antioxidants and healing ingredients). But for Summer, I couldn’t be without my Tinted Facial Sunscreen. There’s too many amazing products to choose just one!”

Thank you for telling us all about your Tropic Skincare story, Devhan!
Devhan’s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/tropicwithdevhan/?fref=ts&ref=br_tf
Instagram Page: https://instagram.com/tropicdevhan.livelifepure
Shop: http://www.tropicskincare.co.uk/shop/devhanjohnson


My Tropic Skincare Sculpting Palette Review:



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