I Tried Tropic Skincare!

I tried Tropic Skincare! Read on to see my review and interview with Devhan Johnson, Tropic skincare ambassador. … More I Tried Tropic Skincare!



A week ago today was my last exam. My last year of the dreaded A-levels has finally come to an end, meaning the period of locking myself away in my room, isolating myself from everyone with my head in a book writing out numerous flashcards has also finally came to an an end. Yay!   … More Freedom!

Being A Zombie For The Day!

A couple of weeks ago we heard about a Zombie Survival Run being held at Chepstow’s Racecourse, and seeming as we’d already gone through a very scary experience of running away from herds of Zombies (and to make it just that extra bit scary, it was held in abandoned mines), we decided to sign up to be one of the walking dead to see what it’s like to be the one that everyone’s running away from! … More Being A Zombie For The Day!

Shop Small: Coconutacha

Apart from giving back to the community, shopping small has many advantages, such as: Helping the economy Getting better customer service All round greater product diversity And it makes you feel good! Knowing that you’ve not only bought something lovely for yourself, you’ve also helped out a small business owner and their livelihood. So, instead … More Shop Small: Coconutacha

My ‘Eye-Opening’ Experience

On Friday 21st October 2016 I underwent aprocedure that has changed my life for the better.. Laser Eye Surgery, and just one day after, my vision was already better than 20/20.
Those of you out there who are as fed up as I was with having to rely on glasses or contact lenses constantly to be able to see, and for those of you who have actually thought about undergoing Laser Eye Surgery, but you’re still unsure about it, or even if you’re simply reading this because you’re curious about what it involves.. read on. … More My ‘Eye-Opening’ Experience